Puritan Pancake & Waffle Mix (2 lbs)

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Type: Buttermilk

Paketinhalt pro Set:
- 2x 420Wp Bifaziale Solarmodule (jeweils 172,2 x 113,4 cm)
- 1x 600W/800W TSUN Wechselrichter + Endkappe (Upgradebar)
- 1x Kabel zur Steckdose 5m
- 2x DC-Verlängerungskabel je 1,0 m
- 1x Wechselrichterhalterung

Versandkosten: 49,00€

The Birkett Mills in Penn Yan, NY was established in 1797 and their flour mill to this day grinds wheat into the flour that serves as the primary ingredient for their Puritan Self-raising Pancake Mix!  Pure stone ground old-fashioned buckwheat flour, wheat flour and other natural ingredients made up this deliciously simple pancakes and waffles.