Copperhorse Snapchilled Coffee
Copperhorse Snapchilled Coffee

Copperhorse Snapchilled Coffee

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Clean, crisp and refreshing black coffee in a can. This coffee has been brewed hot and made cold in seconds utilizing Elemental Beverage Company’s Snapchill Technology.  We can now present our coffees cold - without dilution, oxidation, preservatives or additives. 


When it’s just too hot for that morning cup, splash down beneath the surface with this summer blend optimized for cold consumption. Unlock the ultra-refreshing notes of raspberry, strawberry and lemonade.

Carriage House

Carriage House is a balanced, chocolatey, sweet and round blend. It remains accessible as a regular morning cuppa, but with a dash of refinement that calls to mind earlier days of equine transportation.

This black coffee is exceptional right out of the can (not a concentrate). It’s very delicious with your favorite creamer or dairy alternative and sweetener as well. Get creative: use this as a base for your favorite coffee cocktail or mocktail. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy this snapchilled coffee. Have fun with it and please share your drink success with us!

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