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A nice combination of the tasty, tangy Chef Lerman's Black Strap Yankee BBQ sauce, along with your choice of Karma hot sauces. Included in this is a Bamboo Towel, a high quality, absorbent towel to help keep things nice and clean.


Choose your Hot Sauces:

SignaturePlayin it safe.

"Good Karma"- Already a classic – this MILD sauce is a slightly chunky butternut squash sauce with the zing of fresh red pepper and a tangy flavor that adds a new dimension in recipes, or on the table

"Bad Karma"- Bad Karma takes the signature flavor of the original Good Karma and dials up the hot red pepper, resulting in a refreshing heat that enhances flavors without overwhelming them.


Extreme: For the dare-devils.

"Ashes 2 Ashes"- This molten blend infused with 7 Pot Primo will leave you with an ashen grin where your face used to be. Light up your favorite dishes with a blast of pure chile heat.

"Extreme Karma"- The original squashed-based Karma recipe enhanced with 100% super hot peppers (Bhut Jolokia, Trinidad Scorpion, Moruga). The perfect flavor for fire tongued daredevils.


Specialty: For the food explorer.

"Ghost Island"- This Caribbean-influenced hot sauce balances pineapple, mango and other all-natural ingredients with a trio of chile peppers led by the bhut jolokia, or “ghost pepper.” Just a teaspoon will transform any dish!

"Huhu Pina"-  Korean Gochugaru sizzle with hints of ginger, agave, and marjoram.