FLX Marinade Madness

FLX Marinade Madness

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FLX Marinade Madness

A good barbecue or even cooking in the kitchen requires unique, wholesome and delicious sauces to create delicious meals.  This box contains some of the finest, award winning combinations of sauces that will help you create a deliciousness that everyone will enjoy!  Accompanied by a well crafted mug and high quality, absorbent bamboo towel (taupe), you will enjoy these again and again!

*Does not contain Tomato Katsup as pictured*  

Finger Lakes Made Items Include:

Chef Lerman | Penn Yan, NY
Roasted Garlic & White Wine Vinaigrette (12 oz.)    

This is a great marinated for grilled fish or chicken, yet versatile enough as a dip for some crusty white bread.  Toss it in with some mixed greens and blue or gorgonzola cheese for an amazing salad. 

Arbor Hill | Naples, NY
Barbecue Sauce (6 oz.)

A culinary delight this sauce is made from a blend of New York State Solera Sherry and winemaster selected ingredients.  Great for basting meat, fish and poultry, or use it in chili, stew and red sauces.

Chef Lerman | Penn Yan, NY
Black-Strap Yankee Bar-B-Q Sauce (12 oz.)

This bold barbecue sauce with chipotle peppers is a great with beef, chicken and pork. Perfect also on a hamburger or a hot dog.  Even try it on grilled salmon! 

HoneyRock Farms | Ithaca, NY
Orange Blossom Honey (5 oz.)

Proprietors Bill & Sharon Hilker take their bees every winter to Florida to keep them active by pollinating the vast orange groves in the state.  The result is delicious and nutritious orange blossom honey.  This honey yields and exception taste with subtly sweet, yet complex flavor.

Wick-edly Sent | Farmington, NY
Grubby Hand Soap (3.5 oz)

This olive oil hand soap is so special and unique, that it is a treat for your hands.  Especially if you wash them frequently in the kitchen or bathroom.  The all-natural ingredients leave your hands with a clean feeling, non-greasy yet silky smooth finish that also has a barrier which holds in moisture.