About Us

We connect people to the best products made in the Finger Lakes. Our customers will have an enjoyable, efficient, yet emotional experience. They will feel the beauty of the Finger Lakes and the passion of the people behind the products.

Our products will only be of the highest quality, naturally sourced and from people who promote community and a sustainable environment.



We support and encourage the use of wholesome, all-natural products from local, small batch producers in the Finger Lakes.  Our partnership with these local businesses is rooted in a commitment to our region; a sustainable environment; and strengthening our community. 


1. Locally Sourced – FLX Certified: What we sell is from the Finger Lakes.  They are American made.  The majority of ingredients will be derived from the rich farmland and by artisans who make their lives here.

2. High Quality & High Standards:  We avoid any ingredient we can’t pronounce.  No GMOs.  No unnecessary chemicals.  Organic where possible. Natural always. It’s so important we created a separate section for it!

3.  Promote a Sustainable Environment: The Finger Lakes is a place of natural wonder.  We source from these lands the wonderful products that our customers want.  We and our partners focus on sustaining the environment.

4.  We satisfy and delight our customers.

5.  Win Win for our Partners: We want our partners who make these wonderful products to succeed.  Their success is the success of our region and our country.  We want them to grow and prosper.

6.  Community Centered: We are involved and engaged in our community to make it a great place to visit, to live, and to work.

 7.  Give Back:  A portion of every purchase will be donated to a special fund that helps new companies launch their products in the Finger Lakes.  Small Business is the heart of our country, and we want to support it!

Visit our family of companies:  Finger Lakes Goods, PASTEL Cookies, and VINIFERA New York.