Cobblestone Spice Rubs

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Roast: Smokehouse Spice Rub

Smokehouse Blend Spice Rub

The rustic traditions of a deep-woods smokehouse inspired this aromatic rub. We blend Colombian & Brazil coffee, chili powder, paprika, coriander, oregano & salt, then add a dash of brown sugar for the perfect smoky, savory-sweet balance. Generously sprinkle on steak, poultry or pork before grilling, roasting or panfrying to add rich, smoky flavor with an enticing wood-smoked aroma.

Cayenne Catastrophe

Master the grill with this bone smoking, spicy pit master rub. Cover your red meat, poultry, or seafood with this delightfully tasty rub for an irresistible mouth-watering barbecue that will earn you the title King (Or Queen) of the Grill! Allow a macho size slab of ribs to soak in the presence of this all-American barbecue flavor for a meal that will please the heartiest of appetites. Sprinkle the unique blend of brown sugar, paprika, chili powder and cumin over your triple-decker, smoked apple wood bacon cheddar burgers, piled high with lettuce, tomato, and onion.