Chef Lerman Roasted Garlic / Balsamic Vinaigrette (12.7 fl. oz.)

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Paketinhalt pro Set:
- 2x 420Wp Bifaziale Solarmodule (jeweils 172,2 x 113,4 cm)
- 1x 600W/800W TSUN Wechselrichter + Endkappe (Upgradebar)
- 1x Kabel zur Steckdose 5m
- 2x DC-Verlängerungskabel je 1,0 m
- 1x Wechselrichterhalterung

Versandkosten: 49,00€

This is an excellent dressing for any salad and a fantastic marinade for grilled fish or chicken, complementing a glass of Finger Lakes white wine.  Try it as dip for crusty bread and it will become a go-to favorite!