Winter Mint Gift Basket

Winter Mint Gift Basket

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The Winter Mint basket carries a range of luxurious treats for the body and soul. A hand-made ornaments makes this a special gift that will always be remembered. A sea sponge and bamboo tea towel are included in this lovely gift. 

Flint Creek Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Lotion

Eucalyptus a natural oil traditionally used for its antimicrobial effects, as an anti inflammatory and to open the bronchial tubes for easier breathing. Tea tree extract calms feelings of uncertainty. This lotion is made with rich cocoa and shea butters to hydrate and protect the skin.  It's made to absorb quickly while softening the hands. It's so important to keep skin healthy when frequent hand washing is more important than ever before!

Flint Creek Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Bar Soap and Peppermint Foot Scrub
Flint Creek Soaps are hand crafted with pure oils.  Olive oil is the base for all of our soaps making for a frothy thick lather and a harder, longer lasting bar. Natural soaps cleanse without drying or leaving a greasy feel.  And they are great for environment.  Made with simple ingredients for highly effective cleansing. No plastic packaging, no harmful detergents, lathering agents, dyes no soy, no palm oil.

Flint Creek Peppermint Foot Cream

A perfect addition to your night time ritual, Flint Creek Soap Company's Peppermint Foot Cream softens the skin and protects from dryness.  Accented with eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils, this rich cream also imparts a moisturizing and protective barrier.

Handmade Finger Lakes Pottery Ornament

Beautiful handmade ornaments made by local potter Angela Zimmers-Cartwright. These ornaments are all custom and measured about 2”x2” and make for either a beautiful tree ornament or put them on a wine bottle. 

Wick-edly Sent Lip Butter

If you’re worried about what chemicals you might be putting on your lips when they are chapped, then you will be delighted with this lip butter. They will be gloriously protected with this luscious lip butter created with cocoa butter, vitamin e, and avocado oil, which is a natural SPF.

Wick-edly Sent Peppermint Eucalyptus Votive Candle

Scented soy candles have revolutionized the candle industry forever, making it an easy choice for smart candle buyers. Wick-edly Sent uses 100% soy wax for our candles. Soy candles burn longer, cleaner & are better for the environment.

We also use a lead-free, low smoke zinc wick that ensures a clean burn that will satisfy even the most difficult candle enthusiast.

The Peppermint Eucalyptus candle smells amazing and the peppermint essential oil can help clear your head and your thoughts. A sweet minty eucalyptus, pleasing and soothing.

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