FLX Pantry Essentials

FLX Pantry Essentials

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FLX Pantry Essentials

The pantry always needs good, quality jams, honeys and preserves.  This wonderful assortment of the basics is anything but, as they are some of the best tasting, all natural items you could ever have.  Add the signature Finger Lakes Mug along with a soft, absorbent Bamboo Towel to this box, and you have a terrific gift.


Finger Lakes Made Items Include:

Arbor Hill  |  Naples, NY
Healthy Purple Grape Topping (24 oz.)

Healthy Purple Grape Pie Topping & Filling is a perfect filling for kuchens, strudels, coffee cakes and, of course, grape pie. Try it on ice cream, cheesecake, too! It’s also healthy for you as the concord grapes used are high in t-resveratrol, an antioxidant, which helps bolster your immune system.


Skaneateles Sugar Shack | Skaneateles, NY
Maple Syrup (12 oz.) 

This 100% pure maple syrup is passionately made by proprietor Greg Young, who personally makes every drop of this rich, wholesome amber syrup.  Pure maple syrup is a natural and nutritious sweetener and an excellent choice to pour over your pancakes, waffles or many other baked goods.

HoneyRock Farms  |  Ithaca, NY
Basswood Honey (16 oz.)     

Basswood honey is very fragrant, transparent, and this 100% pure, all natural unpasteurized honey has a beautiful golden color. Bees visit Basswood flowers in the morning and evening, when they abundantly secrete nectar. In folk medicine, this honey is recommended for colds.

Arbor Hill |  Naples, NY
Healthy Purple Blueberry Preserves  (10 oz.)

This blueberry preserve is a simple set of ingredients – pure cane sugar, blueberries grown in the Finger Lakes, lemon juice and pectin.  The result is a delicious blueberry preserve that is unrivaled.  Plus, it’s loaded with anti-oxidants.  Whether on waffles, toast, muffins or a bagel, this is a unique treat.

Hunter Hillsberg  |  Homer, NY
Strawberry Preserves (9 oz.)    

Made with sliced strawberries, plus sugar and a little pectin - traditional blend, traditional taste. These are great to keep on hand as a quick fix to create strawberry shortcake, strawberry smothered pancakes, strawberries with vanilla ice cream...or any other dish requiring a home-made strawberries-in-sugar sauce. People who try our strawberry preserves say they taste just like freshly-made strawberry shortcake sauce.

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